School Holidays


Kids take up sooooo much time. And they make so much mess.

Although come to think of it, I have always been messy. Hey, I’m creative! You can’t expect me to be neat too.

Some dolls of 2015




Wednes ... I mean, Thursday since it's trademarked


I haven’t updated this blog for sooo long, so if anyone is reading, I do apologise! Christmas crept up so quickly and then NY and with a blink of an eye it was 2016!

Many things on my mind now, re-starting the makeup side of things and also Blythecon Tokyo! I’m restocking my kit and also booked tickets!

Happy New Year

The difference good photography makes

This is what I would have shot:



Cool styling, but nothing special really.

This is what my hubby shot:







Chinalilly x Trio Collaboration for Auguste Clown Gallery







Once Upon a Blythe Exhibition

Opening Night and Reception: Friday 20th February, 6pm

Presented by Auguste Clown Gallery

52 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne Australia

Exhibition On view from 20th February – 9th March (free entry)


Lake, Chinalilly Dolls custom Blythe #172


Lake is a Sunshine Holiday RBL base doll with a Mandy Cotton Candy scalp (with haircut).

She has had
Carving: lip, philtrum, nostrils and nose shaping
All new makeup using artist pastels (and/or watercolor, acrylic, and iridescent pigments)
Sealed with MSC UV Cut flat & semi-gloss
Two pairs of hand-painted eyechips, one pair BW milky eyes and one pair faux opal eyechips.
Decorated lids and new green lashes
Boggle and gaze correction
Sleep eyes with custom pulls
She comes on her stock Takara body

Some drama for your day, or $63 down the drain

I can’t sleep so I may as well share this. I have been waiting on a preorder since September. And then abused by the seller about it!

I am in purple. Seller is in green. Seller’s name has been changed but otherwise text is exactly as it is. I have all the original emails. This is the exact conversation that took place – I have not editorialised at all.

Edited to add: I was also publicly attacked on seller’s page, but she did refund me.



Dear Seller, 

I understand this has been a hard time for you … but without any sort of ETA on this, I will have to request a refund. I don’t think an indefinite wait is really fair since the order is prepaid. I think that would be the best for both of us. 

I will make it worth your while and just assume I have lost you as a client. :( You did agree to the terms and conditions on my website and jeans have usually been a massive wait in the past. Usually around 6 months as there is a lot to it.I survive off of seller’s site and have animals to feed and rent to pay. Believe me, this has been completely devastating to me financially, I am behind in my rent and barely have enough to survive on. You would not want to be in my shoes.
I work night and day to make people happy and I have sadly had a series of accidents and the holidays, it breaks my heart that I am punished for nearly ending up paralyzed. If you feel the need to do a bad dolly deal, go ahead. I’m really doing the best I can. 
Below is a link and the text to the terms for ordering:

I’m not trying to be mean here. You have to understand other people have financial difficulties too – in Sept when I placed this order, you were uninjured and I didn’t have a tree branch through my roof. Circumstances change. 

I have sold a lot of sundries this week and have 5 dolls in Dolly Adoption that just aren’t selling. I need funds more than dolls clothes. 
However, if you want another chance – ok fine – but try and be a little more considerate please? I wrote to you over a week ago and I never got a reply. Only this group email. 

Make it worth my while then. 


I never received your email. I always reply. If I had any money, I would refund you. The preorder for jeans is always a longer preorder because I need enough to make it worth my time. There is a lot that goes into it. 
My situation is not just financial, I have been in extreme pain and bedridden for weeks. I also try to keep people informed the best I can. Honestly, this was the first time I was strong enough to sit at my computer and send an email to everyone. You did agree to the terms and conditions when you made the preorder. 
I wouldn’t wish my physical pain on anyone. Falling from the top of a ladder, I could have ended up paralyzed. :( 
I’m Sorry,
If there is any way I can refund you, I will try. I really can’t make any promises and it is unlikely. This has been devastating for me financially. I understand if you choose not to invest in seller anymore. 

Hi Samantha,
Sorry, I don’t know how I missed this email. Like I said, I usually reply promptly. It must have come on a particularly painful day.
My apologies,
Remind me what style jeans you wanted. I have a few pairs around that are made from previous batches and I could send one along right away.

Like I said, Seller, I didn’t say any of it to be mean. And you are being very defensive. If you had expected the preorder to take this long, you wouldn’t have written that mass apology – please don’t make me sound like I am being unreasonable. 

As you can see, I did send this email so you must understand my frustration at you. I was one the people scammed by Morgan Orton, so it was looking like the money I paid you was lost for good. And Its money I kinda need now that I am facing a massive repair bill. 
I ordered this Pure Neemo S size. Distressed like the misaki picture 
I found that in my emails though, so really you should have it on file already. 

I was not meaning to be defensive whatsoever, until now. I have been selling in the Blythe world since 2003! I am not going to scam you. I’m writing a mass apology and explanation because I nearly broke my neck and could have been paralyzed!!! I have other much larger orders and I do my best to keep people informed of the status of their orders. At this point, you are actually being very mean and accusing me of being a scammer? Wow. Let’s not take this any further. I am not a scammer and my jeans are the best Blythe jeans out there! 
Sorry for my trying to make things a little easier for you in offering to send jeans now. I am in bed when I should be sleeping and apologize for being lazy and not searching through the emails for what jeans you wanted.
You have truly offended me. I am not a scammer! I’m horrified. Please don’t write me again. You will get your jeans when everyone else gets their jeans. I ship fully insured and trackable. I really don’t need this right now. I am trying to get well as fast as I can so I can get back to work.
If there is any way possible, I will see if I can sell your spot to someone else and send you your money back. 
It’s your loss, the PNS jeans are going to be amazing.

You could have broken your neck but you didn’t. Just like the tree branch that went through my roof could have killed me. I just don’t go on and on about it. Get over it. 

I mentioned Morgan Orton so you be understanding of my predicament. I did not accuse you of scamming me. 
Since you are in the wrong with this whole debacle, I find your attitude offensive and downright arrogant. Your attitude taints your product – so sorry – they will never be amazing. 
I will write until I get my money or my product. Thankyou.  
Please do sell my spot. At this point, I don’t see how anything you make could make up for your attitude and arrogance. 

Wow, in my 12 years in the Blythe community, I have been lucky to have only had a few horrible transactions. You can write me all you want. 
You clearly state on YOUR WEBSITE – NO REFUNDS. My website clearly states the same, so you can just wait for your jeans like the rest of the people who do understand that I can barely move my left arm and also stepped on my glasses and can’t see. 
I have been bedridden for more than 2 weeks. You are cruel and heartless and yes, you accused me of being a scammer. 
It is not arrogant that I have spent 10 years experimenting and making these jeans the best I can possibly make them. I work very hard to make people happy. 
You are heartless. Congrats on being on my very small list of terrible transactions since 2003!!!!
I hope you don’t get treated the way you are treating me with your customers. 

Thanks for your email! And your lack of concern over anyone else’s situation even though you expect sympathy for your own. 

I have not written to people to say I am almost paralysed and cannot promise delivery. I will add that sub-clause tommorrow to say if that is the case, I will offer a refund. I have never held a doll in my possession that did not belong to me for more than 3 months, including shipping time. 
I just expect money or product. I don’t need to be friends. 

The pre-order was for late December in the first place. You are being completely unreasonable. I work very hard. I’m sorry for your hardship. But, you started this with alluding that I was a scammer. 
Sorry, you agreed to the terms and conditions on my website when you made your purchase. I did not purposely injure myself. In fact, I was working all night long for weeks to get people’s orders out. Some of my designs ended up being much more complicated to create than I expected. 
Just leave me alone. Why don’t you put together an overpriced custom if you are so hard up? Many of my clothes take as long as a custom doll takes to create. I will be blocking you from this point on. I will update the status of your order once the jeans ship. Then you can do with them whatever you like. 
Leave me alone now, this is harassment.
I waited a year for a May Yeo doll! 

#172 Lake

It’s been a while since I have done a tan doll!


A rant

Some months ago, I made this girl using a Lalaloopsy workshop scalp.


Whilst there had been other Lalaloopsy customs (and I fully acknowledge that), this one was the first one I knew of with the actual Lalaloopsy scalp used.


The problem is: I couldn’t sell her. I guess people don’t value creativity, because it’s not worth buying. I finally was able to sell this doll, but without it’s Lalaloopsy parts.

However, since then, dolls using these scalps are popping up left, right and centre. Whilst it’s certainly everyone’s right to do so, the fact that people wanted a Lalaloopsy custom BUT NOT MINE really really hurts.

Obviously, not everyone has funds to spend at the right time, but I do so many trades – no one even approached me for one! She took 5 months to sell … that would have been a layaway if anyone had asked.

A word about Blythecon donations


Emmy for Blythecon Seattle

Dear BC organising committees,

I love the spirit of these events and would attend them all if I could!

Emmy, pictured above, was a collaboration between myself, Piparrot and Kult of Kulta. Base doll donated by Brian Dore.

I am happy to contribute customising work IF A BASE DOLL IS PROVIDED. I know I have donated dolls in the past, but due to other customisers being provided dolls at the same events, I feel my generosity has been taken advantage of. So no doll = no donation, sorry.

I am happy to contact other people to supply hair and clothes for the the donation, but not for the base doll itself. And no fakes please, the event is called Blythecon after all. And allow plenty of time – I can only commit if the schedule allows.

Love, Sam